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Did watching too much TV as child turn my brain to mush? Did it give me ADHD?

Alright, gather 'round for the tale of the digital device dilemma! So, there was this big study trying to figure out if our brains get all wonky from too much screen time - you know, like turning into digital zombies from staring at our phones and tablets too much. They roped in a bunch of young folks, aged 9 to 12, and checked out how their screen habits (like gaming, watching videos, and scrolling through social media) linked up with their brain workings. The brain boffins used some fancy MRI scans to see if kids who were glued to screens had different brain setups, especially the kind that might make them less sharp or happy. They had two big guesses: one, that too much screen time might rejig the brain's wiring, and two, that the more you're hooked to screens, the more your brain might start acting up. But guess what? The results were as surprising as finding out your grandma is a secret gaming champion. They found zilch, zero, nada - no link between screen time and weird brain stuff. Even when they played detective to see if screens were changing kids' brain growth over two years, they still found nothing. So, it turns out screens might not be the brain bogeyman after all! Who would've thought, right?

2023 Senate Enquiry in ADHD. Who's got  time read through a 3oo page report?

Alright, quick update from the world of ADHD support in Australia! ADHD WA is super chuffed with some new ideas from a bigwig Senate inquiry about making life easier for people with ADHD. They're talking about a fancy National Framework for ADHD, more support services, letting GPs prescribe more stuff, and giving some cash to groups that help out. The head honcho at ADHD WA, Antonella Segre, is all thumbs up about it. She says it's about time since over a million Aussies are living with ADHD. They need better ways to get diagnosed and treated, pronto! They did a survey with over 600 members, and guess what? Loads of them said getting diagnosed and finding a good paediatrician is as tough as finding a needle in a haystack. Antonella's keen to get the ball rolling on these new plans, tackling the shortage of ADHD pros and keeping up with the latest ADHD science. Next step? ADHD WA wants to team up with the Government to turn these ideas into reality. the ADHDForever community is gearing up to make sure their voices are heard too. They're on board to join the conversation and help steer these changes in the right direction. At ADHDForever we believe in teaming up to make a bigger impact and ensure everyone living with ADHD gets the support they need. Stay tuned and Go team ADHDForever! 🚀🎉

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How About This As Design Concept ?

Should we create a digital version of this for our community?


   A digital version is coming in 2024  

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